Are Your Cables a Tangled Mess?

We have the solution


Tired of all those cords and cables tangled around your desk? No matter how you corral them, they still clutter your desktop. Here is one solution that is attractive and it doesn’t cost much .Perfect for office and home !

Cable Clips organizer from SayOneYes :


Why Cables Clip Organizers?

Why use cable clip organizers from SayOneYes ?The answer is simpe

They are modern, attractive, durable, and affordable. You can buy a set of 50 pcs for 6.99 $ or less on their official website or from Shopify on .

You don’t need special tools to use them. Their self-adhesive backs work on plastic, wood, metal, glass, and rubber.

SayOneYes Cable Clips are the solution to ALL cord clutter in your home, car, and office.

Nobody likes seeing bunches of cables and wires lying around the floor. Whether you regularly see them in your home, in your room or in your office, they can really be nuisances. 

These cable holders can be us as under desk cable management, cord holder for desk, charging cable organizer, computer cable management, cord organizer for desk and all type of wire management. These cord holders are flexible and easy to install wherever you want.

Simply peel and stick your self-adhesive cable holder clip anywhere. Please kindly take a moment to sweep the surface before sticking them which makes them hold tight. Highly Recommended as the tap gets best performance after 24 hours.

SayOneYes 3m cable clips are made of high-quality Eco-Friendly PA66 material with a strong adhesive pad that adheres to any flat and dry surfaces such as metal, glass, wood desks, tables and walls. It can hold strongly through rain, snow, and heat. Cord clips can easy to remove without any residues and damage.


SayOneYes – Be sure!!!

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