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In case you’ve been on account of adorning your skincare routine, a face mask is a fine location to commence. They’re perpetually used to goal concerns similar to dry dermis, overproduction of oil or brightening dull areas of your face. Masks can also detoxify your epidermis, cartoon out impurities and clean your epidermis beyond what a purifier or toner may. Applying face masks is a calming option to indulge in self-affliction, whether you’re lounging at home by myself or recreating the pleasures of a spa with friends or your accomplice. Your pores can become clogged with diaphoresis, filth and dead epidermis cells, causing microorganism and blemishes to fester. Detox face masks purify your skin using parts such as exfoliants, clay and acids, continuously within the type of a cream or blubbery adhesive. Using detox masks additionally lets your other skin care products, equivalent to pimples medication, lotion or cleansers, penetrate your pores to ameliorate them conveniently.

As with every facial artefact that makes use of potent components, make sure you simplest employ detox masks a couple of times a week. Detox masks band the skin, making the procedure acrid to your epidermis for accepted exhaust. Although accumulation of these masks a couple of times a week offers a number of benefits to your dermis, including restoring firmness and elasticity.

Honey Mask 4.23oz | wash off type, real honey 38.7%, Deep moisturization, Nourishment, and Clear Complexion.


Face Mask for Women


  • 🍯 Real Natural honey 38.7% inside! Do not dry up your skin. You can leave it on your skin for more than 20 ~ 30 mins.
  • 💚Wash-Off Mask, Hydrates skin from inner layers to the outer layers
  • Extra Benefit – Improves Elasticity, Smoothing Care, Exfoliation for a clear complexion.
  • Containing *comedogenic* ingredients | Cruelty-free, Ethanol-free, Silicon Oil-free, Artificial Colouring & Fragrance-free
  • PLEASE READ! **The cap was renewed with no cap sealing. Wish trend Send out only the “NEW” product. If you believe you have an issue with the product, send us a message, so we can look into it more closely. Please be informed ** Expiration date is written in order of YYYY, MM, DD




With hydration in mind, this mask cleanses pores, however focuses intently on restoring a buttery, soft arrangement to your dermis and improving basic epidermis health. depart on for as few as five minutes and rinse for quick application. 

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