Features of good ladies’ handbags

Handbags add comfort, convenience, and confidence to our daily life. Amidst responsibilities, chaos, and duties, when women are out and about, they want to look good and feel self-reliant. Depending on the handbag features, and perspective of the user, the definition of a “good handbag” keeps on changing. For some, it is about a handbag in a neutral colour that matches all the outfits, for some, it is a roomy bag with glossy surface, for some it is a floral printed handbag in vibrant colour with lots of compartments, and for some, it is just about a handbag that makes the head turn wherever they go.




Some important handbag features and benefits are listed below:


Call it a treasure chest or a mini portable world, handbags are indispensable in daily life. You can use a sling bag (small size), or a hobo bag (medium size), or a tote bag (large size) but the interior of the bags need to be water-resistant, well-stitched, compartmented, zipped, and easy to clean. The handbag that you decide to carry for a day should be able to hold and store your bare minimum essentials with ease and if needed, your extra baggage too.


Spacious and sober enough to carry office essentials.

Classy and sassy enough to match your favourite outfit while enjoying me-time at a café.

Sophisticated and stylish enough to make an impression on date night

Durable and supportive enough to carry your things while attending a wedding.


This word can have multiple meanings. Comfort can mean ergonomic handles without contributing to backaches and shoulder pain. Comfort can also mean detachable handles. Comfort also means using the bag with several outfits without having to think too much about “what’s trending?” Comfort may mean lightweight handbags, appropriate handbag dimensions, multi-compartment handbags, convenient purse straps, and weather-proof material so that you don’t have to worry about your essentials in case of unwanted rain or accidental spillage.


 Always choose bags that have the right purse sizes or handbag sizes and go for materials that are durable, lightweight, and sturdy.


It is as important as any other feature. A black sling bag may go well with your one-piece on a date night, a red handbag may be the best choice for your Silk saree on family occasions.


 An advantage and a saviour – the straps are important to make you go hands-free. Sling them on your shoulder, backpack them on your back, tote them on your wrist – go hands-free with straps that are sturdy, and ergonomic.

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