Handbags for Women and their love for them

The Women of today love to brag with new, stylish and designer handbags and other products especially if they made a good deal when purchasing them. There is a continuous competition between women and nothing excites women more than walking down the street with a stylish handbag, particularly if it is carrying the name of one of the latest designers.


From parties to brunch dates, from office duty to dinner nights you will find them elegantly by the ladies’ side; yes I’m talking about handbags! Why handbags you ask? The most multifunctional bag to date, they are a woman’s best friend. From being a mobile storage space for keys, wallets, smartphones, and what not to style statements, from being a must-have regardless of what the other bag is, whether you are taking it to the office or a vacation, a handbag almost has a universal usage for women.  A wide range of handbag features causes women to cherish them.

In the end, it doesn’t matter any longer if the bag is big or small, if all stuff fits into it, it doesn’t even matter if it is at a low cost as long as we are talking about a Prada or a Gucci or any other types of designer handbags.


The use of a purse is multiple. It carries pens, notebooks, wallets, and mobile phones. Well, it can carry about anything the human mind can imagine placing in a handbag. A plus to all this is the possibility to brag with new designer handbags. Many women feel flattered by the mere idea that other women’s eyes may be fixing them constantly because of that special thing that they carry under their arm or on their shoulder.



Handbags have been largely experimented and explored on, so apart from common materials like canvas, polyester, leather, jute, denim, you might find fancy handbags on macrame, vegan leather (a very popular choice due to its animal cruelty-free nature and reasonable pricing).

These days there is an amalgamation of materials to give handbags a whole new feel and outlook. Zouk couples PETA-approved vegan leathers with beautiful customised handicraft fabric to produce unique handbags. They also have waterproof polyester linings with a structured framework to give handbags their luxurious appeal while staying within the budget.

We can sum things up by saying women love their handbags and they love them more if they are designer products. Women do not usually throw their handbags away, but keep buying new ones to have from where to choose.

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