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So, you’re remodeling your bathroom! How exciting!But ,have you thought about whether you have room to hang towel bars by the shower? What are you using by the sink? A simple hook? A towel ring? A towel bar?Suddenly, there are a lot more choices to make.

If your bathroom is used by several people in the family, you could install a bathroom robe hook for each person so no one uses the wrong bath towel. Also, if you mean to keep your wash closet organised and tidy, one set of bathroom robe hooks will allow you to hang your clothes, robes or towels in an orderly fashion. Towel bars allow towels to dry without being bunched up.Towel bars come in multiple lengths, so you may want to measure your bath towels and choose a bar that’s long enough to accommodate your favorite set of bath towels.

Towel hooks are a great choice for small bathrooms that will be used by several people. A small bathroom may only have enough open wall space for one 24” towel bar, but the same space could hold three or four robe hooks. If several people will use one bathroom, you could install a hook for each person so no one uses the wrong bath towel!

Because of their size, towel rings are best suited for small spaces, such as near the sink in a powder room or half bath. They’re designed to hold hand towels or other small towels. It’s best to install towel rings within easy reach of the sink. This will help keep your guests from dripping water all over the room after they’ve washed their hands!

The bath towel holder is ideal in space constrained bathrooms. The towels and rags can be dried quickly without taking up too much space. The elegant and simple appearance is very attractive and 180° rotating design, can move it up and down freely and added a silent rubber ring, which can be used with less noise.Our round towel hanger for bathroom comes with all the screw accessories (premium stainless steel screws and top quality anchors which are of good quality) and installation instructions manual for hassle-free installation. You can easily install it on any flat surface, such as bathroom wall or wood door.

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