Sayoneyes Wooden Wobble Balance Board Kids

Wooden Balance boards for babies, toddlers & kids are growing in popularity with parents looking to support their child’s development through fun.

Wooden Balance Board

The beauty of a balance board is that it can be used in any way your child likes, their imagination being the only limit! Bridge, mountain, boat, tunnel, doll’s bed, slide… the play possibilities are endless.

Balance boards are extremely versatile and can be used to support child’s play from birth, depending on how you use them. With your close supervision, a balance board can be used as a gentle rocking space for your newborn, an exciting rocking toy for your older baby and a challenging climbing toy for your curious toddler! Balance boards are also great for primary school age children and can be used to stand on.The age your child can use a balance board has no limit. As long as you purchase a balance board that is strong enough to hold their weight, there are many ways in which younger and older children can play with.The wood board help develop strength & muscle. The wobble board kids works like a magnet on children and offers them many play possibilities beyond balancing fun. The toddler balance board is meant not only for exuberant and playful kids games, but also for quiet moments and individual play. The wooden boards can be a bridge, a wooden slide, a fort, a foundation for a rainbow tower, a kids slide and countless other imaginative things.Functional exercises done on this kids balance board challenge multiple muscles and joints to stabilize. Kids can practice their gross and fine motor skills and more. The wooden wobble balance board is recommended by physiotherapists around the world .We recommend it our SayOneYes Wooden Balance Board Kids .We believe in the quality of our balance board and satisfaction of our customers is our top priority .

Wooden Blance Board

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